CDMA Tracking will be discontinued December 31, 2022

CDMA Tracking will be discontinued December 31, 2022

CDMA Re-activation Eligibility will be discontinued June 28th

Verizon is discontinuing CDMA technology for GPS tracking on 12/31/2022. This means iTrail Live trackers purchased prior to 2018 can no longer be re-activated after 6/29/18. All trackers will work until end of 2022. If your previously purchased CDMA tracking device is not currently active, and you are looking to use it in the future, the device will need to be activated by 6/28/2018. All CDMA tracking devices that are canceled after 6/28/18 or that are not active before 6/28/18 will no longer be eligible for re-activation tracker  Call us for more information.

Due to this change in Verizon's network iTrial Live is offering two great opportunities for you to keep your GPS tracking until the  for you to keep your tracker until the Verizon sunset.

Option 1- for a nominal fee of $10.00 a month you can PARK your tracker. It will be activated ensuring your device can be used for future tracking needs. Just call to upgrade to a standard tracking plan when ready. Park Plan is not for active tracking.

Option 2- 40% Discount on a 1 year subscription.  The tracker will be activated until June 2019. The subscription will auto renew at the published rate. This discount is only good until June 28, 2018 and only for CDMA tracking devices.

If you let your subscription lapse after 6/29/2018 your device will not be eligible for re-activation.

Only devices on an active rate plan with  prior to June 28, 2018 deadline will have access to the CDMA network through 2022.

Please contact our customer support so we can assist you with this subscription opportunity  This does NOT affect iTrail trackers purchased in 2018 that are 3G units. It also does not affect any iTrail loggers (passive trackers.)

Call 1-800-590-4272 | email
Monday through Friday | 8-5 Central time


  1. This is bad cause I bought an iTrail from GPS Trackers that are built out of high quality devices and can create some good real time display of anyone's location.

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