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Worry less, never lose your luggage again.

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business, odds are you will have a bag. Losing your luggage is often a gamble when you are getting from one place to another especially when you have unexpected changes in your flight plans. Flying can be stressful and the last thing you want to worry about is if your bags made it with you! If you’re like most and it’s a short trip, you try not to check anything you don’t have to because you don’t want to deal with the cost or hassle of checking it or baggage claim. Unfortunately, having a carry-on isn’t always feasible. You can have just as many mix-ups storing it in the overhead compartments as letting it ride in the belly of the plane. Your carry-on could get checked at the last minute because there’s not enough room or if someone mistakenly takes your bag for theirs. Travel smarter with these luggage and travel tips:  Add a GPS luggage tracker to your bag. Although airlines are now taking advantage of bag tracking data, and

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