AT&T will terminate 2G and 3G on June 31, 2019

AT&T will terminate 2G and 3G on June 31st, 2019

What this means for you:

There can be NO New activations of previously 3G trackers after 06/31/19. New AT&T activations will terminate 2G and 3G on 6/31/19. You can reactivate or use any previously activated iTrail Trackers until December 31st, 2021 on the AT&T network.

Note: The coverage can become disrupted in other ZIP codes as AT&T sunsets 2G and 3G towers moving towards 2021 final termination. Certain ZIP codes in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois will experience greater disruption during this phase out. You can search the ZIP code chart to see if you will be affected. Trackers active in these ZIP codes may need to be upgraded to 4G devices for better coverage before 2021.

The Good News:

In 2019 iTrail will be releasing New 4G Trackers.

iTrail will be releasing two NEW Subscription based 4G Trackers the iTrail Connect has built-in magnets & the iTrail Button is a wearable tracker, both come with the same reliability, new waterproof/shockproof body, amazing battery life and wireless charging on the way! Subscription: One Price. All the Options.


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