Worry less, never lose your luggage again.

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business, odds are you will have a bag. Losing your luggage is often a gamble when you are getting from one place to another especially when you have unexpected changes in your flight plans. Flying can be stressful and the last thing you want to worry about is if your bags made it with you! If you’re like most and it’s a short trip, you try not to check anything you don’t have to because you don’t want to deal with the cost or hassle of checking it or baggage claim. Unfortunately, having a carry-on isn’t always feasible. You can have just as many mix-ups storing it in the overhead compartments as letting it ride in the belly of the plane. Your carry-on could get checked at the last minute because there’s not enough room or if someone mistakenly takes your bag for theirs.

Travel smarter with these luggage and travel tips: 

Add a GPS luggage tracker to your bag. Although airlines are now taking advantage of bag tracking data, and you can track your bags via airline apps, mishaps are still possible when it comes to human or technical error. A small investment is well worth it for the peace of mind of knowing where your items are at all times. Our tiny iTrail Button weighs almost nothing. It can be clipped onto your bag or slipped inside virtually anything without taking up space or adding weight. 

The FREE iTrail GPS App allows you to view live tracking right at your fingertips, so you’ll be able to see where your assets are at every stop on the way to your destination. Most bag trackers on the market require you to replace the entire device when the battery runs out. The iTrail Button has a long life rechargeable battery and comes with a wireless charger. Since it’s removable you can add it to anything you want, and view multiple trackers under one account in the enriched iTrail GPS App! The iTrail Button works internationally and has some key features that are great for traveling such as airplane mode, a waterproof/shockproof body, SOS Button for those times of crisis, customizable updates along with WiFi assist when it’s not connecting to 4G Towers.

In addition to baggage, add a tracker to other items often checked:

Baby Strollers
Golf Clubs
Skis or Snowboards
Pet Carriers/ Pet Collars
Outdoor Gear
Expensive items in transit

Add a pop of color. In a world of black and gray suitcases that all look the same, make your bag stand out with a pop of color. Add a colorful or customized luggage tag/strap, so someone will think twice before grabbing your bag by accident! If you’re really bold, get a fun colored or designed suitcase too! When you’re traveling it’s great to have a picture of your bags or a unique identifier, so that if it is misplaced you can easily describe your bag and send a picture to the person assisting you locate your items. 

Place your Itinerary inside your bag. Sometimes the airline baggage tags can get ripped off which has all the tracking data and flight plans encoded to your bag. For extra precaution, print a copy of your travel itinerary, highlight your name and write your phone number on it. Lay it on top of everything inside your bag so it’s the first thing you see when your bag gets opened. This will give you a better chance at retrieving your luggage while on your trip. Double your odds with the iTrail Button tracker because you will be able to see exactly where it is, give or take a couple of feet, even indoors. In the event another traveler has carried it home with them, having your contact info easily available means they can contact you and send your bag home. Always travel with your essentials & pack a change of clothes in your personal item or carry-on in case of these instances.

Avoid Short Layovers. Delayed and cancelled flights unfortunately play a factor when you’re flying and short layovers added to the mix can be a recipe for disaster. You and your bags can end up taking different airplanes to the same destination. If you can’t take a direct flight, give yourself enough time between flights to prevent any extra travel stress.

Check-in Early.
Be sure you get there with enough time. Lines and security are inevitable, so when you cut it close there’s a chance either you or your bag isn’t getting on the plane. In a world of technology, it can make your checking-in process so much easier. Check-in prior to getting to the airport, download your E-ticket boarding pass to your smart phone and go straight to checking baggage or the security check point. 
TSA Precheck Icons

To help make your process go even quicker, apply for TSA Pre-check. It costs $85 for 5 years and your wait will be 5 minutes or less through security. Plus TSA Pre-check makes carry-on and body screening a breeze! If you don’t opt-in for the TSA Pre-check, make the most of your wait in the security line by having everything ready to open, remove or access easily. It’s best to wear slip-on shoes and keep accessories to a minimum. Have any electronics bigger than a tablet ready to put in the bin. Keep liquids under  3 oz. and in a see through bag. Don't travel with any batteries (power packs are fine) or weapons, and when in doubt check it or throw it away. Here’s the full list of what you can and cannot bring through airport security.

Become a well-seasoned traveler by flying smarter. Reduce the stress of jet setting by using these travel tricks and adding this universal asset tracker to your travel essentials. Never lose anything again with iTrail Button 4G GPS Tracker.


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