4 Ways To Stay Safe At Summer Festivals

Since the days of Woodstock, attending summer music festivals has been and continues to be one of America’s favorite summer activities. Every year a new summer music festival is added to the fabulous list around the country. Haven’t chosen your summer music festival yet? Elle Magazine has put together a great list of festivals around the country.

This year at most of the summer festivals you find the hottest bands- think The Weekend, Muse, Chance the Rapper, etc. You’ll also find, as you do every year, very big crowds of smelly people- young and old. In fact, you can find KJB Security’s very own president and her family at the Bonaroo Music Festival just outside of Nashville almost every year!

At KJB Security, Inc., our focus is alway on helping you protect what matters and keeping you KJB Safe! So we’ve come up with a few tips to help you or your loved one stay safe at summer festivals!

Stay safe by knowing your locations.
There are a few important locations that you should figure out as soon as you arrive and get set up. The first is a spot that is easy to find in case your group gets separated. The best place would be a landmark that can be seen from anywhere in the area. The second is the location of the medical tent in case of emergency! In general, it’s a good idea for you and your friends to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Stay safe with GPS Tracking
Send your teen or college student off to the summer music festival this year with our iTrail GPS tracking device. Our iTrail Solo has a 14 hour battery life and can easily fit into your purse or backpack. You will receive location updates every 30 or 60 seconds. The best part? You can know when your tracker has left a specified area using our GeoFence alerts sent to your device!

Stay safe using the buddy system
Having a friend with you at all times will help you stay safe. It will also increase the likelihood of finding your way back to your tent or home base if you get lost! There are so many potential issues you can run into at summer festivals. Your friends can help keep you out of trouble and into having fun!

Stay safe by staying healthy!  
There are just a few things to remember to stay safe in the hot summer sun at an outdoor festival.
  1. Have lots of water on hand
  2. Have lots of sunscreen on hand
  3. Don’t over do it on the alcohol!
  4. Don’t forget to eat!

Contact us at 800-590-4272 or sales@kjbsecurity.com to learn more about our iTrail GPS Tracking devices. Enjoy your summer festival and stay safe!


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