Why GPS Tracking is No Longer Just a Convenience for Fleet Tracking

Are you in fleet management? Are you letting your competition speed past you? Are you looking for a smart way to optimize your deliveries and ensure that your customers are supremely satisfied? Have you ever thought of GPS tracking for your service delivery vehicles? If not, you should.

GPS technology is changing the way businesses are shipping and receiving their products all over the world.  Fleet tracking is becoming more of a necessity than just a convenience and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Monitor your Inventory: You can monitor your inventory as it moves throughout your supply chain. This allows you to supercharge your response times with real-time tracking, giving you the option to immediately deploy the vehicle that is closest to the location of delivery/service and update your clients as the delivery is being made. Say your driver is stuck in traffic, you can notify your client of the delay and adjust accordingly. 

  • Increased Productivity: Increase the productivity of your drivers. By continuously monitoring your fleet, everyone will be held to the same standards and in return, your employees will be more productive.

  • Lower Insurance: Many insurance companies will lower your insurance premiums if they know you are tracking your assets.

  • Theft Recovery: Means exactly how it sounds.  If your vehicle is stolen or lost, you can use the Live GPS Tracker to find its exact location.

  • Tax Write Off: If you have employees that use their own vehicles for deliveries and services, they can keep track of the mileage and use it as a tax write-off at the end of the year!

  • Extend the life of your fleet: By keeping track of your mileage on each vehicle in your fleet, you can in turn, keep track of when the vehicle needs to be maintained.  This allows you to extend the life of your fleet, thus saving you money in the long run.

If you're serious about optimizing your sales, increasing employee productivity and providing top-notch customer service, what are you waiting for?


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